Volunteer opportunities

We are currently seeking alumni volunteers for the following activities.

Alumni clients - capstone design course

Do you or your business have a problem you'd like help with? EngSci is looking for clients!

Some of our fourth-year capstone design courses work with clients to provide a focused opportunity to student teams.

If you feel you have an opportunity that might fit with a course related to one of EngSci's majors, please contact our External Relations Officer, Christina Heidorn, at engsci@utoronto.ca.

Host a student in your research lab
student in lab

Our Engineering Science Research Opportunities Program (ESROP) was created to harness and channel the enthusiasm that Engineering Science students have for research

It provides funding and placements for EngSci students who would like to spend a summer conducting research.

If you are a faculty member or researcher who is interested in hosting a student and would like to learn more, please contact our Curriculum Officer, Scott Sleeth, at curric.engsci@utoronto.ca.

Mentor a student
alumna mentoring student

Since 2005, the Alumni Mentorship Program (AMP) has fostered valuable relationships between Skule™ alumni and students. Alumni Mentors share their knowledge and experience and provide students with the encouragement and insights they need to get a great start to their careers and begin to set a course for the future.

The program runs throughout the academic year.

Alumni are welcome to join the AMP at any time. Mentors who are not matched with a mentee formally in October will be called upon over a dozen times throughout the year for one-off events related to mentoring students in a professional development setting.

Students' can join the program each fall.

See full program details here.

Hire a student or fellow graduate

The Engineering Career Centre (ECC) helps employers connect with current students and recent graduates for PEY Co-op placements, summer jobs, and full-time positions after graduation.   The ECC can also arrange for employer info sessions to help raise your company's profile among students.

Alumni can also post job openings on the jobs board in U of T Engineering CONNECT to reach over 11,000 alumni and students.

If you'd like to publicize your job openings to EngSci students specifically, please contact our External Relations Officer, Christina Heidorn, at engsci@utoronto.ca.

Become a Regional or Class Ambassador
colourful Skule badges representing student groups

EngSci has over 6,000 alumni in around the world.  We rely on many enthusiastic regional and class volunteers to help us stay in touch.

Become a Regional Ambassador to help support our existing communities or expand into new areas.

We also seek Skule™ Alumni Ambassadors who are essential to keeping your class connected with U of T Engineering. We are looking for alumni volunteers who keep in touch with their classmates and are willing to act as spokespeople for their graduating class and connect them for reunion events.

For more information, please contact Christina Heidorn, External Relations Officer, engsci@utoronto.ca.

Help shape the next class of EngSci

students in a classroom with a professor

Become a Broad Based Admissions Assessor

Each year, the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering attracts impressive applicants from all over the world to join Canada’s #1 engineering school as an undergraduate student. While each applicant’s past academic performance is a critical factor in the admissions process, we firmly believe in the importance of understanding each prospect’s full potential through their extracurricular activities and future aspirations. Applicants share this information with the Admissions Committee through an Online Student Profile, which includes short written responses and video submissions. The Online Student Profile is imperative to the Faculty’s successful broad-based approach to admissions.

Alumni input enables the Faculty to extend offers of admission to talented future engineers.

Learn more about becoming an admissions assessor.

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