Research Opportunities

The Engineering Science Research Opportunities Program (ESROP) was created to harness and channel the enthusiasm that Engineering Science students have for research by providing them, early in their academic careers, with the opportunity to work with faculty members on research-based collaborations over the course of the summer. Through ESROP, EngSci students will join established research groups, gain a deeper understanding of the research process, and take part in intellectually vibrant research activities.

ESROP Details:

  • Fellowships available: approximately twelve (12)
  • Eligibility: students completing the first or second year of the Engineering Science program
  • Supervision: teaching faculty at the University of Toronto, affiliated research labs, or other Canadian research institutions
  • ESROP Value: $3,000, plus an equal or greater salary contribution from the research supervisor required)
  • Application Procedure: Applications are made available late in the Fall semester, and are due early in the Winter Semester
  • Selection Criteria: Outstanding academic achievement and appropriateness of the proposed research project

Successful applicants must provide a two-page written report to the Division of Engineering Science at the end of the summer summarizing their research experience.

In addition, EngSci students are eligible for U of T Excellence Awards.  These awards are administered by the university and in most years EngSci students are among the recipients.

Read about some of our student’s research experiences:

Jimmy Hou (EngSci 1T9)
Kyle Hsu (1T9)
Junho Choi (EngSci 1T5)
Sepehr Ebadi (EngSci 1T6)
Spencer Richards (EngSci 1T5)
Jacob Ritchie (EngSci 1T6)
Fady Shoukry (EngSci 1T5)
Joel Weng Yu Tan (EngSci 1T5)
David Wang (EngSci 1T6)