How to make a better mop

Bending down more than a hundred times a day to wring out a mop is back-breaking work for caretakers around the world. But if Jeremy Wang, Shuyi Wu, Ryan Williams and Noah Yang (all EngSci 1T7 + PEY) have their way, mopping is about to get a whole lot easier.

The PowerWring device (Photo: Noah Yang)

The third-year Engineering Science students won second prize in the 2016 Minerva Canada James Ham Safe Design Awards competition for designing a deceptively simple device called PowerWring that could save thousands of workers from back strains and sprains.

Read the full story and learn how the PowerWring works.

EngSci alumni from honoured years ending in 1 or 6 can meet the PowerWring team at the EngSci Spring Reunion Lunch! To register, visit the Spring Reunion website.

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