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EngSci students take flight in microgravity to unravel physics mystery

Update Aug 1, 2017:  Check out the team’s Twitter feed feed for photos and videos from their flight. Originally posted July 24, 2017 Not many of us get to experience what it’s like to float in space.  This week several of our students will get to experience the next best thing — a flight on… Read more »

Meet the new chair of our biomedical systems major

July 20, 2017   Professor Rodrigo Fernandez-Gonzalez (IBBME) has commenced a five-year term as the chair of the EngSci biomedical systems engineering major, succeeding Professor Dawn Kilkenny (IBBME). In his Quantitative Morphogenesis Laboratory, Fernandez-Gonzalez leads a group of researchers focused on one of the outstanding questions in biology:  how do cells “talk” to each other… Read more »

Giving a voice to those who can’t speak – EngSci alumnus Tom Chau

June 28, 2017   Tom Chau (EngSci 9T2) is an international leader in the development of sophisticated assistive technologies for children with severe physical limitations.  Through his research at Holland Bloorview and U of T’s Institute for Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering (IBBME), he has created award-winning devices that allow nonverbal individuals to communicate independently. Already… Read more »

EngSci “aliebn” Jonny Sun featured in New York Times Magazine

June 15, 2017   You may know EngSci alumnus Jonathan Sun (1T1 PEY Infrastructure) by his twitter handle “jomny sun“, a much-loved alien with spelling issues and almost half a million followers.  Sun’s unique sense of humour has attracted a huge audience, but he is interested in more than just making people laugh. Find out… Read more »

Summer research takes student to Fort McMurray wildfire zone

June 9, 2017   Second year EngSci student Cynthia Jing is part of a team of researchers heading to northern Alberta this summer as part of a study into long-term health impacts from last summer’s extensive wildfires. Among the many concerns in the aftermath of the fires is the ash that has been left behind,… Read more »

Outstanding EngSci citizen, Benny Pang (7T2)

June 8, 2017 Each year the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) and Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) presents the Ontario Professional Engineers Citizenship Award to members of the profession who have made an outstanding contribution to public service. This year EngSci alumnus Benny Pang (7T2) is a recipient for diligently serving the engineering community through… Read more »

EngSci graduate wins Vanier Scholarship

June 7, 2017   EngSci alumnus Christopher Sun (1T3 + PEY) has received one of this country’s most prestigious graduate awards, the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship, in recognition of his research in the lab of Professor Timothy Chan (MIE). Find out how he’s putting the money to use by determining optimal locations for life-saving defibrillators… Read more »

Going global — EngScis in summer research around the world

May 30, 2017   Every year the Division of Engineering Science supports over 30 students in international summer research placements at top institutions around the globe.  Students can apply for these positions as early as the first year of their studies.  See what three of them are up to this summer. Learn more about our International… Read more »

Countdown to Convocation — EngSci Grads to Watch

May 24, 2017 On June 13, our fourth year class with join the ranks of EngSci graduates at Spring Convocation 2017.  Check out just two of our outstanding graduates in U of T Engineering’s list of Grads to Watch.  

EngSci Chair shares thoughts on cyberthreats

May 16, 2017 In the aftermath of the ‘WannaCry’ cyberattack that caused significant disruptions around the world, EngSci Chair Deepa Kundur reflects on the question on many people’s minds:  Will cyberattacks continue to get worse? Professor Kundur is an expert in cybersecurity with a particular focus on smart grids. Read her article in the Globe… Read more »