Outstanding EngSci Athletes

Cross Country athlete Lia Codrington (Year 2 EngSci) receives her U of T Varsity Blues Academic Excellence Award.

Is it possible to be a student in a program as academically challenging as EngSci and also be a top Varsity athlete? You bet it is!

We are very proud of the achievements of our students outside of the classroom, including those of our many Varsity athletes.

Several EngSci students were honoured last week at the University of Toronto’s Varsity Blues annual Academic Excellence Breakfast for earning high grades while participating in Varsity sports. Their hard work and dedication earned them spots on Varsity teams while maintaining averages of 80 percent or higher in the 2015-2016 academic year.

Nathalin Moy competing in January 2014 in a meet between U of T and McMaster University.

Juggling the time commitments of school, training and competitions takes a great deal of time management an discipline. Support from staff and faculty members is also key to helping students accommodate schedules that often include a lot of travel to distant competition venues. “My classmates, team, TAs, professors, coaches and EngSci staff have been very supportive over the years,” says Varsity swimmer Nathalin Moy (Year 4 EngSci). “I could not have made it this far without them.”

Student honoured at last week’s breakfast are:

Justin Weber ready to release a curling stone

Lia Codrington
(Year 2 EngSci) — Cross Country
Antonina Gorshenina
(Year 3 EngSci) — Tennis
Brandon Hadfield
(Year 3 EngSci) — Baseball
Nathalin Moy
(Year 4 EngSci) — Swimming
David Urness
(Year 4 EngSci) — Rowing
Jacob Weber
(Year 2 EngSci) — Curling


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