Seeds for the Future: Two EngScis on exchange in China

April 4th 2016

Three U of T Engineering students enhanced their technical skills and immersed themselves in Chinese language and culture last May as part of an exchange program organized by Huawei, one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies.

The three were among 20 engineering students chosen from across Canada to participate in the Seeds for the Future Work Experience Program, which took them from the company’s Canadian headquarters in Markham, Ontario, to Beijing and Shenzen over the course of two weeks.

Eric Flim, Alice Ye and Raymond Ly are pictured for Huawei’s exchange program

It was “one of the biggest experiences of my life,” said Eric Flim (Year 3 ECE). “It wasn’t just an educational experience that added to my understanding of technology and culture — rather it changed my understanding of them.”.

“I thought the opportunity was incredible,” said Raymond Ly (Year 3 EngSci). “It was a chance not only to visit China for the first time, but also to get a tour of a company at the forefront of technological advancement.”


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