Summer research takes student to Fort McMurray wildfire zone

Cynthia Jing (Year 2 EngSci) will sample homes in northern Alberta with Postdoctoral researcher Lukas Kohl (ChemE) for ash left over from last summer’s wildfire.

Second year EngSci student Cynthia Jing is part of a team of researchers heading to northern Alberta this summer as part of a study into long-term health impacts from last summer’s extensive wildfires.

Among the many concerns in the aftermath of the fires is the ash that has been left behind, which can contain hazardous compounds. Researchers will look at house dust in local homes, and determine if it contains any compounds of concern.  Click here to find out how this research will contribute to keeping residents safe!

Do you live near Fort McMurray? Would you like to find out more about the study? Please visit or check out the Facebook page.

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