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Meet award-winning EngSci grads

Five EngSci alumni were honoured last week with Engineering Alumni Network (EAN) Awards:

Engineering Hall of Distinction:  Jonathan Rose (EngSci 8T0, ECE MASc 8T2, PhD 8T6)
2T5 Mid-Career Award:  Tom Chau (EngSci 9T2, ECE MASc 9T4)
1T0 Early Career Award:  Christopher Wilmer (EngSci 0T7)
L.E. Jones Award:  Allan Kuan (EngSci 1T4 + PEY, CivE PhD Candidate) and Alex Perelgut (EngSci 1T6 + PEY)

Read about their outstanding contributions to the engineering profession, their community and, in two cases, the arts.

View photos from the ceremony on Flickr.

See below for video testimonials from the winners.

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