At age 18, EngSci’s youngest grad is just gettting started

Maddy Zhang is the youngest graduate of the class of 2020 at the age of 18 (photo by Johnny Guatto)


In 2016, an incoming Year 1 EngSci student was making news.  At the age of just 14, Maddy (Xiaoxiao) Zhang (EngSci 2T0 Aerospace) was not only U of T’s youngest student, she was believed to be the youngest ever in U of T Engineering’s history.  That she chose to enter one of the most challenging undergraduate engineering programs impressed her instructors and classmates alike.

In the four years since then, Zhang has excelled in her chosen discipline–aerospace engineering–through research and design work, and has formed lasting bonds with her fellow students.

Next week Zhang will be the youngest member of the EngSci Class of 2T0 and 1T9 PEY as she receives her undergraduate degree.

Read about Maddy’s EngSci journey in the U of T News, and see where she’s headed next.

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