EngSci alumnus helps teachers gauge student understanding in virtual classrooms

As students around the world shift to online learning, two U of T Engineering graduates have designed a software platform for mathematics practice that provides real-time insights into student understanding. (Photo: Thomas Park via Unsplash)

Around the world, hundreds of thousands of kids are attending virtual classrooms for the first time. The move to online learning has come with its own challenges, for students and teachers alike. Without being able to see students working in person, it can be hard for instructors to gauge how well their lessons are being absorbed.

Now EngSci alumnus Aiden Carnegie (EngSci 1T7 +PEY) and fellow U of T Engineering graduate Nived Kollanthara (IndE 1T7 + PEY) have created a new tool to help teachers get real-time information about how well their students are learning math and where they could use more support.

Their platform, called Kanak, uses artificial intelligence to provide immediate feedback so that teachers can adjust their lesson plans to their students’ needs.

Read more about their work in the U of T Engineering News.

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