How to Prepare

How to Prepare for ESEC 2022

Want to learn more about the ESEC conference and how to prepare for it?
Look no further!

Get the most of ESEC with the resources below.

We promise that putting in that little bit of leg work before the conference will make your day so much more worthwhile.


Before the conference read up on the speakers to learn about their areas of expertise and career paths.

Then submit a question before the conference through Slido. Do you have any burning questions about a certain speaker's experiences that relates to your own career goals? Would you be interested in certain topics being addressed or explained during their talk? Now is your chance!

Please note that all questions will be moderated.

Download the ESEC Reflection Worksheet

Use what you're learning at ESEC to explore your own career goals

Our speakers will share powerful insights into different engineering-related industries and great career advice for engineering students.

Use this handy reflection tool designed by Troost ILead especially for students attending ESEC to reflect on your own priorities and aspirations based on what you're learning at ESEC.

You may also want to check out Troost ILead's upcoming career events.

Register for the ESEC Prep Workshop

Tues., Jan. 18 | 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm EST | Zoom

This workshop, hosted by Troost ILead will help first- and second-year EngSci students get the most out of their Engineering Science Education Conference (ESEC) experience.

You will learn strategies for networking in a professional setting (with speakers, faculty, and fellow classmates) and knowledge on how and what to prepare for the conference. These skills are more important now than ever in our current online-only circumstances.

Students will learn:

  • Networking skills, approaches, & mindsets
  • How to prepare for a networking situation
  • The art of asking good professional questions

Register for the Prep Workshop here.

During ESEC you'll hear about different career paths and diverse areas of focus within engineering.  This may get you thinking about your choice of EngSci major for Years 3 and 4.

Check out the EngSci 2T5 Blog with a detailed and accurate student perspective of each major (with a few "memes" added for good measure).

You can also visit the official Engineering Science majors page for a description of what's offered by each major.

ESEC is the perfect opportunity to practice your networking skills.  This will help you to connect with colleagues and professionals across a variety of platforms for career development!

The following article from You're Next Career Network (YNCN) on How to Network can help with pinpointing your professional goals. As well, it serves as a guide on how to find "warm" and "cold" leads, one of whom could potentially be a speaker at ESEC!

You're Next Career Network Logo

If you're not very fond of networking or believe that it's not that useful, check 4 Things Networking Can Help You Do (Besides Get a Job) on the benefits of building a professional or social network.

You want to maintain a business professional or business casual appearance at the conference as you will be interacting with speakers during the event. Check out this video below on how to dress "business casual"!

Dress for Success

The end goal is that you feel confident in your outfit! Here are some general recommendations to follow, whether you choose to dress in business professional or business casual:

  • Nice pants or slacks or dresses
  • No jeans, shorts, sundresses or athletic wear
  • Skirts and dresses should be knee length while standing
  • Jackets should be either blazers or cardigans
  • Cell phones should be kept out of sight with personal belongings
  • Hair should be well groomed and styled

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