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Engineering Science Education Conference 2023

Fireside chats | Thursday, Jan. 26, 2023
Conference sessions | Friday, Jan. 27, 2023

NOTE:  Year 1 & 2 EngSci students, your classes will be cancelled
on Friday, Jan 27, to allow you to attend the conference.

The Engineering Science Education Conference (ESEC) is an annual conference for Engineering Science students at the University of Toronto.

The objective of ESEC is to broaden EngSci students' horizons about potential career paths and how engineers can have an impact in the world.  Since 2006, we have invited thought leaders to present lectures that explore research, education and career opportunities for bright upcoming engineers.

We are happy to announce: ESEC 2023 will be an in person event.

To prepare for the conference, check out the following links about the conference, schedule, and invited speakers!

Countdown to ESEC 2023

The Engineering Science Education Conference will officially start on Thursday, January 26th and will run until Friday, January 27th, 2023


Register for the ESEC Prep Workshop

Thu., Jan. 19th | 10:10 am - 11:00 am | MY360

Never been to a professional conference before?  Shy about interacting with more senior professionals?

This workshop, hosted by Troost ILead will help first- and second-year EngSci students get the most out of their Engineering Science Education Conference (ESEC) experience.

You will learn strategies for networking in a professional setting (with speakers, faculty, and fellow classmates) and knowledge on how and what to prepare for the conference. These skills are more important now than ever in our current online-only circumstances.

Students will learn:

  • Networking skills, approaches, & mindsets
  • How to prepare for a networking situation
  • The art of asking good professional questions

Register for the Prep Workshop here.

Before the conference... about this year's speakers to learn about their areas of expertise and career paths.

...register for the fireside chats to meet the speakers informally. the ESEC reflection sheet and keep it handy during the conference. you have any burning questions about a certain speaker's experiences that relates to your own career goals? Is there a topics you'd love to see addressed or explained during their talk or the panel discussions? Now is your chance!  Submit a question before the conference through SlidoPlease note that all questions will be moderated.

And don't forget to visit the "How to Prepare" page for more tips on career exploration.

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Engineering Science Education Conference 2023

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