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Leila Kheradpir

From Rocket Science to Brain Surgery

Biomedical industry is a thriving multi-billion-dollar global sector. Join Leila Kheradpir, P.Eng., Program Manager at StarFish Medical to learn about the biomedical industry and the latest trends and developments. Additionally, she’ll walk through her career journey from working on Canadarm2 on the International Space Station to collaborating with brain surgeon to develop neurosurgical devices.


Leila Kheradpir, M.Sc., P.Eng., brings over twenty years of experience in engineering and project management in medical device, space robotics and manufacturing industries. She joined StarFish Medical in 2021 as a Program Manager where she manages a diverse portfolio of medical device programs. Leila started her career as a Quality Engineer in a foundry and later joined MDA as a Systems Engineer supporting the robotics efforts on the International Space Station. In 2013 she joined Synaptive where she led multi-disciplinary engineering teams in design and developments of various neurosurgical products. Leila has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Toronto Metropolitan University, and a Master of Science from the International Space University in France.

photo of Leila Kheradpir smiling to camera, wearing a sleeveless top

Leila Kheradpir, P.Eng.

Program Manager at StarFish Medical

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