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How the Raptors use EngSci: from the class to the court

Eric Khoury (EngSci 1T0)

The introduction of positional tracking into NBA games has generated large data sets that help bring new understandings of the intricacies of the sport. With every player and ball movement on a basketball court being tracked, actions and events can be annotated on a scale that was previously not possible. The analysis of this data brings in a new set of statistics, far outside the traditional box score stats, that helps influence roster construction and coaching decisions.

As tools for acquiring and generating large and accurate data sets are getting more powerful, careers in analyzing “Big Data” are arising in numerous fields. The correct analysis of these data sets is imperative and may help generate insights that can lead to untapped potential within a wide array of disciplines.

Read more about Eric Khoury here and submit a question to him before the conference.

Years 1 and 2 EngSci students:  T-cards will be scanned to take attendance.

Improving water equity in India: EngSci alumnus funded by U of T’s Data Sciences Institute


Photo of an urban street in India with a woman standing next to pipe coming out of the ground from which water is flowing into a blue barrel.

As part of their research on water equity in India, a multi-disciplinary team at U of T will examine water distribution infrastructure, such as this tube well seen in New Delhi, India in 2017. (Photo: iStock)


EngSci alumnus David Meyer (1T1) is an assistant professor in U of T’s Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering and the Centre for Global Engineering whose research focuses on how urban water distribution infrastructure behaves in Mega Cities in the Global South.

He and his multidisciplinary colleagues have received one of 17 Research Catalyst Funding Grants through U of T’s Data Sciences Institute (DSI).

Read how they are using data visualization to study how access to water could be improved in urban India.

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